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Exprofessor is a freelancer’s website offering writing jobs and writing courses.


  • To provide alternative job opportunities for graduates in Africa
  • To disrupt the freelancing model with better and more convenient deals
  • To be a leader in upskilling freelance writers


  • Avail job opportunities
  • Train and retain the best writers
  • Offer competitive salaries
  • Develop the best writing course

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to check the progress of your application, you need to log into your account and find the Account Information box at the top of the page.

Log into your account and go to the “Available orders” section. There you will see a list of available assignments with the requirements (subject, topic, number of pages/slides, type of work etc.) and payment for each particular order. Choose an order that matches your field of proficiency and carefully check “Paper Details” and the uploaded materials, if any, before applying for the order. If you are sure, you will be able to handle the case and complete a high-quality product on time, apply for it, stating a justified reason for us to consider your application. If you have been assigned to an order, you will receive an email notification from Support. You will then have to confirm that you have been informed and started working on the order.

Academic writing service is absolutely ethical. This is not about writing and selling papers for students. These works are used by people who desperately need somebody’s help as they do not have enough free time to conduct research, and they need at least a draft or a source of ideas to be used for their own research. The company retains the copyright and any other rights to use the product you complete and deliver.

The payment dates for all approved orders are the 1st and 15th of every month. That is ideally bimonthly, and the money is sent to your preferred account.

For the money to be paid for a completed case, it should be approved by the customer. Once the order is approved, you will receive a correspondent notification. The payment is automatically added to your balance upon the order’s approval. Therefore, in this case, the customer has not yet approved the order.

It is forbidden to use any orders completed on Exprofessor.com for personal gain. It will be considered fraudulent activity and may lead to serious consequences as described in our Terms of Use.

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