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One Stop Writer’s Hub

Exprofessor is an academic writing consultant. We offer writing jobs, courses, training, and mentorship. Our goal is to connect skilled writers with people who need their skills. 

Our trainees learn all the skills necessary to write high-quality academic papers. The course familiarizes them with the different writing mechanics, types of papers, and types of paper formats. In the end, they are equipped with sufficient skills to succeed as academic writers.

Our writers never worry about anything except writing and that’s why we take care of the process for them. All they need is to select the job you want, fulfill them and get paid. We keep it simple

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The School: Exprofessor Academy
Exprofessor Academy is our writing consultant agency. We offer academic writing courses, training, and mentorship.

At exprofessor Academy, you will access comprehensive courses for both academic writing and article writing. The courses are developed by writing experts, who work as our editors. 


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Many companies hire freelancers to write articles or memos at a fee